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Our Professional SEO Audit service roots out SEO issues and shows you how you can increase your search engine rankings.

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SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit

Discover SEO issues on your website that is affecting your rankings with our audit tools


Competitor Audit

Find out what is working for your competitors & discover opportunity gaps


Content & KW Audit

Find keyword, image & content issues then refine for better results in Google search

Optimise for Search

Review xml sitemaps, robots.txt, htaccess and analytics for Google optimisation

Why you need our SEO Audit

Our London based team can perform a professional SEO Audit on your website and help you discover SEO issues on your website that may be affecting your rankings in search engines.

Fixing issues discovered by auditing services can give you fast results for sites that have not been seo-optimised or that have not been audited for some time.

Most audit consultants just let you know what the issues are or provide a software generated report. However with our optimisation service we can fix your website issues and propel your search engine visibility and rankings to new heights. All without the hassle of writing content or building links.

Get a Professional SEO Audit

Get started in just 60 seconds

Order an expert deep dive audit of your website by a human SEO expert. Get intelligence on your technical seo, keywords, content performance  & competitors with over 200 checks.

We specialise in performing search engine optimisation audits on most websites and CMS systems from html, php, javascript websites to WordPress, Shopify & more platforms.

How to Get Started

1. Select a package below based on the number of pages your website has.

2. Our auditor will conduct the audit

3. Your audit results will be returned in 2-3 working days

Website SEO Audits

E-Commerce Audits

Wordpress SEO Audits

Shopify SEO Audits

SEO Audit Costs

It takes just 60 seconds to enter your details for the seo audit




Up to 500 pages

Expert deep level audit

Algorithm testing

Backlink, competitor audit

Reports included




500 TO 2.5K pages

Expert deep level audit

Algorithm testing

Backlink, competitor audit

Reports included




2.5k+ pages

Expert deep level audit

Algorithm testing

Backlink, competitor audit

Reports included

What an SEO Audit Includes

Our Expert SEO Audit Checklist consists of over 200 metrics


Audit Website

Technical Audit

Content Audit

Search Optimisation

Find SEO Issues Report


Website SEO Audit

Discover issues that are holding back your rankings.

We run several crawlers to gather information about your website. We then inspect this report to pinpoint technical and content issues on your website. In addition we run backlink reports, analyse competitors and gather a trove of data from Google. Our human consultants then manually trawl through the site to go one step further.

Performing Technical SEO to code


Technical SEO Audit

Our reports will unearth every technical SEO issue and produce an itemised report.

These reports highlight issues such as missing or malformed tags & pages, broken links, redirects, structure issues, speed issues & more. Our consultants then look at algorithm based issues from QDF, LSI, NLP, Topic Clustering, velocities, decay and more.

Desk ready to write content


Content  & KW Audit

Content is reviewed to ensure it meets Google guidelines. This can include ensuring there is no duplicate content, thin content or auto generated content. We then ensure your meta tags are utilised correctly and keywords are correctly implemented across the website.

Google Search Console


Optimise for Search

Send the right signals to search engines and crawlers. We are nerds when it comes to robots.txt, htaccess, xml-sitemaps and security headers to ensure your data is passed to search engines correctly and enhance how your website appears in search engines. 

FAQ’s About SEO Audits!

Is a Professional SEO Audit Worth It?

An SEO Audit is worth it because it will help you identify SEO issues on your website. If you can fix these SEO issues, you are more likely to meet website quality guidelines as recommended by search engines.

Why an SEO Audit is important

An SEO Audit is important because if your website meets search quality guidelines, then your website is more likely to rank higher in search engines. This is important in order to get more visitors to your website.


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