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Clients use my SEO Consultancy service to turn their business around. Level up your SEO and start winning clients, leads & sales.

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How SEO Consulting helps.

I am a Freelance SEO Consultant in London helping clients facing difficult challenges in their market, have been affected by a reduction in rankings and traffic, have received a Google penalty or have suffered from bad SEO in the past. Solving these challenges will help rocket your SEO.

SEO Strategy: Our search engine consultant can review, define and develop a winning SEO strategy so your business can thrive in competitive markets.

SEO Solutions: Pinpoint SEO and search engine issues then provide solutions to address them.

Penalty Recovery: Explore and recover from Google algorithmic and manual penalties.

Conversion Optimisation: Maximise sales, leads and conversions and get the actions your want from visitors.

Bad SEO: Turn around the effects of bad SEO, negative campaigns and reputation.


Create & Implement a Winning SEO Strategy


Find new SEO Solutions & Opportunities


Discover or Recover from Potential Penaties


Maximise Website Conversions


Reverse Bad SEO campaigns

A SEO Consultant that is passionate about growing your Business

My name is Bippon Kalia and I have worked as a freelance seo consultant in the UK for over 20 years providing the best SEO consulting service in the UK.

I have a local team with support from experts from around the world to Artificial Intelligence software to help our clients get the edge on the competition.

It’s nice to put a face to the name

Sometimes you don’t know who you are dealing with. From faceless online companies to Gmails promising to get you to number 1 for a very cheap price.  Our clients will often work with me direct ensuring you are always getting the best service and expert knowledge. Featured on Sky News, Sunday Times, Retail News & more.

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Bippon Kalia - SEO Consultant, London, UK
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Learn about Live SEO around the Web. I have represented clients as well as our own services on TV, Newspapers, Radio and more.


Featured in Sky News & Sunday Times Logos

My SEO Consulting Process

It all starts with your goals






Discover SEO Issues



Lets talk about  your goals, your challenges and what you wish to achieve. As a freelance SEO consultant in London I am available to meet you or discuss your needs over the phone or Zoom.

Performing Technical SEO to code



I perform a thourough investigation on your website to understand the condition of SEO, discover opportunities and examine the root of your concerns. This includes a deep level onsite SEO Audit to auditing off-site SEO & backlinks to get a complete picture to work with.

Desk ready to write content



I work with you to formulate a strategy to achive your SEO goal in an easy to understand format with suggested KPI’s and measurig tools to track progress.

As a marketing consultant I don’t let nothing get missed and also report on any other marketing strategies that can contribute to your growth.

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The final step is a consultation to ensure goals have been achieved and work with your business to ensure it remains on a growth roadmap. I am available to support you post project addess questions and advise on any works carried out.

What to Consider when Hiring an SEO Consultant


What does an SEO Consultant do?

An SEO Consultant is a person who can evaluate your SEO strategy, analyze your data and identify opportunities that can help companies be found via online searches.

A consultant can help develop an SEO strategy unique to your business needs and help execute your strategy to increase organic rankings and increase organic traffic to your website.


Are SEO Consultants worth it?

An SEO Consultant can be worth the expense as they not only help you devise an effective SEO strategy but can also save you time and money in the long term by avoiding costly mistakes.

The consultant can help you make the right SEO decisions, avoid poor practices and advise on which services are useful for your SEO needs.


Should I use a Freelance or Agency SEO Consultant?

It does not matter if you choose a freelance or agency consultant. The important factors to consider when deciding which consultant to hire is their seo experience, the rapport you build with them and how much of an itnerest they take in helping your business.



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