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Why you need SEO Optimisation

Optimising a website for SEO gives you the best results in the shortest amount of time, this also means it costs less in the long run. Fixing issues discovered by an SEO-Audit often gives you immediate results for sites that have not been seo optimised or that has not been audited for some time.

Search engines set quality guidelines for websites. Naturally if your website meets these guidelines, the search engines rewards you with higher rankings. This service helps you meets these guidelines.

Most agencies provide audits then leave it to you to fix things yourself. We optimise the hell out of your website so you never have to worry if your website is holding your rankings back.


Optimise website code and structure


Optimise content & keywords


Optimise images and tags


Optimise robots, htaccess, sitemaps


Optimise speed loads & scores

Optimise any Website

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HTML Sites

E-Commerce Sites

Wordpress Sites

Shopify Sites

Wix Sites

Weebly Sites

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Website Optimisation Prices

It takes just 60 seconds to get started




£25 per page




£20 per page

200 PAGES+



£15 per page

Our Optimisation Process

Our Optimisation Checklist consists of over 200 metrics


Fix Issues

Technical SEO

Content Keywords

Speed Optimisation

Find SEO Issues Report


Fix SEO Issues

We run several crawlers to gather information about your website. We then inspect this report to pinpoint technical and content issues on your website. We then set about fixing any code & structural issues your website has.

Performing Technical SEO to code


Technical SEO

Using our reports, we fix internal errors from broken links to missing files, redirects, duplicate or thin content, 404 errors and more. We also ensure supporting SEO files from robots, htaccess and XML sitemaps are correctly configured and in place. 

Desk ready to write content


Content & Keywords

Content is reviewed to ensure it meets Google guidelines and keywords are correctly used on each page. New keywords can also be added.

Images are also optimises enuring they contribute to your seo and optimise them for faster download speeds.

Speed Optimise Website


Speed Optimisation

Following on from image optimisation, we make further enhancements to increase the speed of your website. This includes ensuring all content is compressed, applying caching, lazy loading and ETL times to enhancing your htaccess files and configuring your server environment.

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